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1803 Single Malt

1803 Single Malt

10 Year Old Irish Whiskey

Guaranteed 10 years in first-fill bourbon barrels. 46% ABV

Lustrous, warm, mid-gold color. Aromas of vanilla, white chocolate and caramel (creme brulée) on the palate. Spicy entry and then a broad, silky, creamy mouthfeel. Mid-palate opens to reveal tropical fruits, cinnamon, ginger and a distinct maltiness. Long in the finish with hints of toasted oak. The Wicklow landscape is strong and memorable. When we tasted our ten year old malt ‘1803’ with its 46% ABV, we knew we’d captured that landscape perfectly.

“Deeply sophisticated, while being boldly robust, the 10-year-old malt is both juicy and profound in each sip. This is magnificent stuff, worthy of your hard earned remuneration.”


Vanilla, White Chocolate & Caramel0

Tropical Fruit, Cinnamon & Ginger0


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